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Fortis icon Fortis means in latin strong, courageous and heroic and that what takes to fight with the enemies and successfully accomplish the game! It is based on classical shooter scheme although presented in new 3D environment. The new arrangement, amazing graphics and effects will guarantee you great fun time!
Fortis title screen
Obligement icon
  • 36 levels divided into 3 stages,
  • bonus level after each stage,
  • increasing difficulty through the game,
  • storing best results,
  • amazing sounds effects, 2 songs in the background, volume control,
  • interface in 3 languages: English, French and Polish,
  • 3 player profiles with independent save game for each,
  • 4 different 3D backgrounds,
  • 4 upgradeable weapons with limited ammunition,
  • snap to enemy option,
  • store with weapons and ammunitions,
  • shield,
  • keyboard/mouse/joystick controlling the ship (user can set two configurations of mouse/keyboard and switch they in game menu)
  • diversity of the enemies,
  • impressive 3D menu,
  • diverse pick ups (energy, shield, bombs, ammunition, weapon, points, money, extra life, extra time),
  • great realtime visual effects such as explosions, smoke, shots and lava,
  • support for various screen resolutions and aspects,
  • window and fullscreen mode,
  • hardware 3D graphics acceleration.

Download Fortis full version for MorphOS
Fortis for other platforms

Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 1 (rockets) Classical shooter in new 3D environment. The player controls the agile plane equipped with the shield.
Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 2 (levels schedule) The player goes through 36 levels divided into 3 stages, each one with different background. In each stage there are 2 bonus levels.
Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 3 (plasma) Levels are full of enemies who want to interrupt player's mission. They have different kind of weapons, strength and resistance and they can be consolidated into bigger ships!
Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 4 (weapon menu) The player has 4 weapons to use: cannon, plasma, rocket and fireball. The cannon is the basic, but the weakest weapon and the only one having unlimited ammunition. The weapons differ so it's necessary to choose them as per the enemy's strength. Each weapon has snap to enemy option.
Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 5 (bonus level) During each stage there are bonus levels to collect upgrades, points and money. The destroyed enemies leave the pickups as well!
Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 6 (store) Earned money can be used to buy the upgrades and ammunition.
Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 7 (bomb) Difficulty level increases through the game, so it's necessary to upgrade control skills, knowledge of the levels and weapons.
Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 8 (screen joystick) There are 2 control methods available using either keyboard, USB-joystick or mouse. Use two touch thumbsticks in case of mouse controlling the ship. The left one controls the speed and direction of the plane. The right one controls the fire whose direction is independent from the move of the plane.
Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 9 (profiles) The game saves up to 3 player profiles. Each profile saves the current stage and doesn't effect other players' profiles. There is high score save option.
Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 10 (sceneries) Each stage has different 3D background with great graphic art and visual effects. The camera follows player's moves at all times.
Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 11 (pause menu) The game has 2 theme songs and lots sound effects with the possibility to control the volume.
Fortis for MorphOS screenshot 12 (languages) The interface is provided in 3 languages: English, French and Polish.
  • Operating system: MorphOS 2.x (the game hasn't been tested on MorphOS 1.4.5 but you can try it on the system)
  • Hardware: PowerPC computers supported by MorphOS: Pegasos 1/2, Efika, MacMini G4, eMac, PowerMac G4
  • Graphics card: Voodoo 4/5, ATI Radeon (supported by 3D drivers in MorphOS) with min. 32MB video RAM
  • Memory: ~45 MB of free RAM
  • Software: PowerSDL ver. 14.0 or higher
Download full version of Fortis for MorphOS
FORTIS for MorphOS

full version 1.2
(LHA archive, ~21 MB)
Download trailer of FORTIS for MorphOS
Trailer of FORTIS for MorphOS

(AVI/XviD, 640x480, ~50 MB)

You can download the final full version of the Fortis for MorphOS and use it without any limitations. If you would like to register your game, you can: Please inform us once you do it.

Version 1.2 (25th June 2011)
  • Better management of CPU usage. Now the application doesn't consume 100% of CPU power.
  • Added USB joystick/joypad support.
  • Added fast quit the application by CTRL+Q.
  • The application compiled in MorphOS SDK 2.0.
  • Store menu - added ability to mark OK and CANCEL buttons using keyboard.

Version 1.1 (5th August 2010)
  • Last entered nicknames (for each profile separately) is stored and used as default when you enter a new nickname (suggested: MaveRick).
  • Changes in French texts (thanks for Jegougou).
  • Small changes of registration rules for MorphOS version.
  • Hiding close application button when on-screen keyboard is showed.
  • New help screens (higher resolution).
  • Sync C++ sources with Objective-C (lots of changes in game and engine after adding support of iPhone4 and iPad).
  • Changes in many parts of the engine of the game, which do not affect the look and feel of the game.
  • If a player doesn't have enough money for buy something, the store between levels is hidden (suggested: Recedent).
  • Fast double back key turns back the hero ship (suggested: Solo Kazuki).
  • Fixed occasional error with wrong rotation of the hero ship after a collision (thanks for Arbuz and Recedent).
  • Fixed error with fonts in game after changing language.
  • Changed profile info texts after finishing all stages and levels of the game (thanks for Koszer and Roschmyr).
  • Fixed loading screen (removed ugly flickering of the screen).

Version 1.0 (17th June 2010)
  • First version for PowerPC computers with MorphOS.
programming: Mariusz "MDW" Wlodarczyk
art: Karol "Caro" Wlodarczyk
Andrzej "Krajan" Krajewski
music & sfx: Andrzej "Grogon" Dobrowolski
design & gameplay: Ania Wlodarczyk
Karol "Caro" Wlodarczyk
help: Natalia Czeczot-Wlodarczyk
Fortis - see you in the game...
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